At a Glance Your Google Analytics Account Update with 'Change History'

Google Analytics Change History helps you better understand how your accounts evolve over time, improves account collaboration, and provides an additional tool for optimal configuration.

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Google Analytics Change History feature lets users learn more about changes made to their accounts.

The feature is rolling out to Analytics account administrators, and presents a summary of many important changes to your account over the last 180 days. "Users will find records of changes made to users, accounts, properties, profiles, goals, and filters," Google said.

"Once it's enabled on your account, you'll be able to see it by clicking the "Admin" button in the upper right corner of the Analytics interface, selecting the appropriate account, and clicking the tab labeled "Change History." In this new section, you will see a list of changes on your account, when the change took place, and who made the change," explains Google.

For additional information about the Change History feature, check this Help Center article.

Google Analytics Change History

Google has also updated the weather OneBox from the desktop search interface. The new OneBox now match the tablet interface includes more information and it's more interactive.

While the old OneBox only displayed the weather forecast for 4 days, the new one has an hourly and an 8-day forecast for temperature, precipitation and wind.

Google Desktop Weather OneBox