Apple Developer Ports 3D Maps with Turn-by-turn to iPhone 3G/4

Apple Podcasts to Get its Own App in iOS 6; Developer Ports 3D Maps with Flyovers, Turn-by-turn to iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4

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During the WWDC event this week, from the new version of iTunes that Apple showcased to developers "podcasts" were missing -- it's because Apple plans on giving the recordings their own bit of digital turf when iOS 6 launches later this fall.

Apple revealed a lot about what it has planned for iOS 6, however, taking the podcast listing out of the iOS 6 version of iTunes went unannounced at the event.

Now, according to people familiar with Apple's plans, podcasts will have their own app, when iOS 6 software becomes widely available this fall for the iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch devices, reports AllThingsD.

And, where users will be able to discover, download and play them on mobile devices. Users who access iTunes via laptop and desktop machines will still find them in that version of iTunes, though.

People who download and listen to podcasts on iTunes via their Windows or Mac PCs will still find that they will be a part of Apple's client. Apple has yet to officially comment on these reports.

Last year, in the iOS 5 Applle broke up the iTunes player app into separate video and music apps. The iTunes U lecture series has also gotten its own app, though you can still access the downloads through the main iTunes player on mobile devices.

A report also suggests that Apple will also move its iTunes U out of iTunes, too.

iOS 6 Maps with Flyovers and turn-by-turn running on iPhone 4

Also, with the launch of iOS 6, many iOS 5 users will be left out on some of the new operating system's flagship features that include the new Apple Maps app -- that leaving out the iPhone 4 users "not having access to the Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation features of the Maps app."

But some goods news, a website iGuides reveals that a iOS developer Anton Titkov found a way to get Apple's new 3D maps up and running on the iPhone 4:

"After yesterday's release of jailbreak iOS 6 developer, well known to all users iGuides Anton Titkov (iTony) decided to dig a little bit in the new firmware, and became the first man in the world, who managed to get working 3D card on the iPhone 4. New tweak from Anton Titkova called 3DEnabler , and at the moment we can confidently say that it adds support for 3D cards on the "old" devices, but it is possible that the "unavailable" Turn-by-turn navigation will be defeated by our talented developer," the site posted.

iGuides offers instructions, as well as two video demonstration of 3DEnabler running on iPhone 4 listed below: Per iGuides blog post:

Given the fact that Cydia does not work on iOS 6 and does not install after jailbreaking iOS 6 for developers, we have prepared two instructions for installing the tweak without using Cydia. The first thing you need to download the Deb file.

For SSH, enter:
apt-get update

After the upgrade, enter:
apt-get install mobilesubstrate

Then load the FTP deb file to your device via SSH and enter:
dpkg-i putkfaylu / nazvaniefayla

Make a respring or reboot

Also tonight tweak 3DEnabler appear in our repository, and you can use the second method of installation:

On the computer in a test editor create a file containing:
deb /

Save the file created as:

Load the file via FTP to:
/ Etc / apt / sources.list.d

After that, via SSH, enter:
apt-get update

After the upgrade, enter:
apt-get install com.alpden.3denabler

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