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Apple patents ‘High tactility glove system’

High tactility glove systemThe US Patent and Trademark Office released Apple’s most recent application titled High tactility glove system, in which the company files for patent protection for gloves which can keep users’ hands warm during cold conditions. As the application says, “When users, in cold weather, wear thick or bulky gloves … the loss of tactile feedback to the user may prevent the user from properly operating the electronic device, and may lead to frustration. Alternatively, if the user has to remove his gloves … the user’s hand may become cold and uncomfortable, which may also lead to user frustration.”

Apple’s glovely solution is two-layer “system” with an outer insulating layer and an internal conductive layer. In the fingertips of the outer layer there are “apertures” through which the user may thrust his or her desired digit so that it might appropriately caress a multi-touch display while still protected by the inner layer.

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