Apple to Add Baidu as Deafult iOS Search Engine in China

Apple to Add Baidu as iOS Search Engine in China; iPhone 5 Back Cover/Middle Plate Demo Video

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eTradeSupply shows off iPhone 5 black Back/Middle Plate

A parts reseller, eTradeSupply who has gotten their hands on the black and white iPhone back panel posted a video to YouTube showing off the iPhone 5 back plate and noted the following changes:

  1. "The next generation iPhone will be the same width as the current 4 and 4S models, but will be taller in size - around 4-inches diagonally.
  2. The upcoming iPhone will be much thinner. The exact dimensions are unknown, however.
  3. The leaked part is neither a battery door nor a middle plate. It is a single integrated part! The iPhone 5 back plate is one piece anchored by an aluminum alloy. Major design changes in the upcoming iPhone.
  4. Earphone jack has been moved from top to the bottom of the iPhone
  5. Apple has redesigned the dock connector which is smaller in size
  6. SIM card tray is different in size - a smaller one. So, expect a smaller SIM card tray.
  7. Enhanced speaker grills. If you carefully examine the video, you'll notice an extra space at the bottom - may be to enhance the speaker's quality," Cydia informs.

iPhone 5 Back Cover/Middle Plate by eTradeSuply

eTradeSupply shows iPhone 5 Back Cover/Middle Plate

eTradSupply iPhone 5 Back Cover/Middle Plate

iPhone 5 Back Cover/Middle Plate shown by eTradeSupply

Here is the video showing the back cover and middle plate of iPhone 5:

In other Apple news, the company plans to integrate Baidu as a search engine in the iOS. According, Bloomberg who are citing some sources indicated the feature could be announced as soon as next week -- possibly at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which kick off on June 11 -- "Apple plans to add Baidu's search engine on iPhones in China, part of a push to broaden its services and user base in the world's most-populous nation, according to two people with knowledge of the matter," reports Bloomberg.

The agreement to add Baidu, China's largest search engine, to the lineup of Web tools on the iPhone could be announced as early as next week, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans are private.

A deal with Baidu, which handles about 80 percent of China's Internet search queries, fits with a plan by Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook to gain a bigger toehold in the largest mobile-phone market. It also gives users an alternative to Google Inc., which competes with Apple in mobile software and advertising.

"This is definitely going to help Baidu," said Joshua Maa, chief executive officer at Madhouse Inc., an advertising company in Shanghai that specializes in marketing on mobile devices. The deal will boost Baidu's wireless advertising business, he said.