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A team behind Internet Explorer 10--notes on its blog today, that the popular sites Pulse, Atari Arcade, along with Contre Jour have just been optimized for both the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8."So whether you are using a new Windows 8 device, a Windows Phone 8 or you are one of Windows 7 customers, […]

Google rolled out worldwide, the Panda update that "will impact about 0.4% of queries that a regular user might notice. For those searching in the United States in English, the percentage is higher. 1.1%," Google said.In other news, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has accused Google of not deranking the "piracy" websites […]

Google started as a research project--and research has remained a core part of the companies culture till date. Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Slav Petrov, Senior Research Scientist and Alfred Spector, vp of research and special initiatives, recenlty published a paper, "Google's Hybrid Approach to Research" to shed more light on Google's approach to research.In […]

On May 23, last week, Google began notifying users on as when the company detected that a users' computers or routers were infected with malware called "DNSChanger"--and directed them to the tools they needed to clean their computer and ensure connectivity. Today, Google said that they have "so far already notified half a million […]

The 1st Intermediate People's Court of Beijing, China upheld the Haidian District Court's decision that sentenced counterfeiter Shang Yajun to seven years and six months imprisonment, for copyright infringement and the sale of illegally manufactured registered trademarks, representing the longest-ever criminal sentence in China for selling and distributing counterfeit software products."Shang Yajun was no casual […]

Microsoft's Anti-Piracy team this week launched a global campaign "Piracy Lurks Everywhere" informing small businesses about the risk of counterfeit software when acquiring or downloading software from the Internet."In a test of software acquired through common channels, The Harrison Group found in August 2011 that 24% of machines that run counterfeit software either became infected […]

Montblanc, the Germany-based maker of "writing instruments", watches, jewelry and etc., is takes Google to court to obtain the identity of counterfeit goods seller(s) through its AdWords search advertising.In the complaint, Montblanc asserts that the sale of counterfeit goods through AdWords, bearing the "montblanc" trademarks, has caused it "significant reputational and financial harm".The company also […]