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Google launched a new administrative controls that make it possible to securely manage Android devices in Google Apps environment without having to deploy dedicated servers.Now any employee with an Android device running version 2.2 - personal or company-issued - can access their corporate information while allowing admins to enforce data security policies such as:Remotely wipe […]

Google launched Google Maps 4.6, here's a quick rundown of the features:Place page reviews. Now, you'll see that Place pages on Android Maps share same new design for displaying reviews as used by Place pages on desktop. You can see:"Reviews from around the web" for highlighting sites that've high-quality reviews about place."Reviews from Google users" […]

Firefox 4 Beta 1 is out for Android and Maemo devices today, and it's the richest mobile version of Firefox yet. The beta includes Firefox Sync with desktop versions of Firefox (either through sync extension or built in sync in Firefox 4), offers multi-touch, the awesome bar (much like on desktop browser) and also offers […]

Google announced that developers from 20 more countries can now sell paid apps on Android Market. Additionally, over next 2 weeks, users in 18 additional countries will be able to buy Android apps. Support for paid app sales is expanded to developers in 29 countries, with new countries: "Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, […]