AdWords for Video Reporting Become More Insightful, With New 'GeoMap, Column Sets'

AdWords for video makes reporting more insightful, purposeful and beautiful with three new reportins added include: Reach & Frequency Reporting; Column Sets; and GeoMap. Posts guide to learn more about DFA Reporting API's synchronous reporting.

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Google helping brands further understand the impact of their campaigns with three new measurement features adds to AdWords for video making reporting more consistent with other media, more goal-oriented that include:

Reach & Frequency Reporting displays reach and frequency metrics in campaign reporting interface. To view these metrics on a campaign, ad or targeting group level, just click on Columns >> Customize Columns and look under the Performance section.

"These metrics give you more insight into how many unique viewers have seen your ad and the average number of times they've seen it, helping you better measure against other media such as TV," informs Google.

AdWords for Video: Reach and Frequency report

Column Sets feature groups relevant metrics by marketing objective. "So all you need to do is select your advertising goal and for useful reporting columns for your account."

GeoMap the new AdWords for video visualization feature, can tell with a mere glance where in the world your views coming from--by just selecting the Campaign tab and click "Map View."

This feature generate a beautiful snapshot that displays view activity on an interactive map. "You can even click on regions to drill down to states and provinces globally, and to the DMA-level in the U.S," Google adds.

AdWords for video: Column Sets Report

In other releated news, Google's DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) Reporting API adds an exciting new feature dubbed "synchronous reporting," an ability to run smaller reports right when you request them.

"Synchronous reporting is great for fetching metrics when you need them quickly, such as in a GUI environment," explains Google.

To learn more about how to take advantage of this feature, you can refer this synchronous reporting guide.

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