AdWords Support Launches Google Screensharing Functionality

Google Screensharing enable you to share you screen with an AdWords associate for getting assistance to exactly what you need help with in your account.

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Google Screensharing lets you share your screen with a AdWords support team member to show exactly what you need help with in your account.

"By sharing your screen, we can better assist you," Google stated.

"While you're on the phone with an AdWords associate, he or she can invite you to share your screen using our Hangout technology. You'll be able to choose which screen you'd like to share, which means you'll avoid sharing any screens that you want to to keep private. Note that we'll only able to see your screen, and won't have access to your compute," explains Google.

Google Screensharing

To set-up Google Screensharing, use the steps below:

  1. "While you're on the phone with an AdWords associate, sign in to your AdWords account at if you haven't already done so. Next, an associate will send you a screenshare invitation.
  2. Click the Accept button to open the Screensharing session. Keep in mind that you might need to install the Google voice and video chat plug-in to use Screensharing.
  3. After you accept the invitation, a window will appear letting you know that you're about to join a Hangout. Click the Join button to begin the Screensharing session. After you click Join, a window will appear asking if you'd like to share your screen with Google. Click Share my screen to choose which screen you'd like to share.
  4. Next, you'll be asked to choose the screen that you'd like to show the associate. Your desktop will be selected by default. Click the Start Screenshare button once you choose the screen that you'd like to share.

    Keep in mind that you should only share the screen that contains information relevant to your Adwords problem. You shouldn't share a screen that includes personal or sensitive information (for example, your credit card information).

  5. When you join the Hangout, your camera and microphone will be muted. This means that you'll need to continue your conversation with the associate on the phone.
  6. When your session is complete, click the Stop sharing my screen button to stop sharing your screen with the associate. Then, click Exit to end the Hangout," Google explains.

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