AdWords Spreadsheet Edit Feature Sunset on May 30

AdWords sunsetting spreadsheet edit on May 30. Ad group mobile bid adjustments are now available within AdWords API.

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AdWords spreadsheet edit feature that was launched in 2009, is set to be sunset May 30.

"Spreadsheet, which makes it easier to make bulk changes in campaigns is now giving way to "Bulk editing" and "keyword bulk" uploads cover all the capabilities of spreadsheet edit while being more powerful and scalable.

With bulk editing, you can do one of two things--You can click the "Edit" drop down and choose the type of bulk edit you want to make. Bulk edits on your keywords will allow you to:

  • "Search and replace text in the keyword or destination URL
  • Append text to the keyword or destination URL
  • Set new bids, including increasing to first page or top of page CPC
  • Increase or decrease bids
  • Change keyword match types
  • Add/remove labels," explains Google.

For more information about using these features in place of the spreadsheet edit feature, read the help center: bulk edits article and the keyword bulk uploads article.

Also today, Google has made "Ad group level mobile bid adjustments" available in the AdWords API.

"While the majority of advertisers will still see the most value in using the existing campaign level bid adjustments, this new feature will be useful for those who wish to set different mobile bid adjustments within an enhanced campaign," Google explains.

The functionality only available for enhanced campaigns, via the new AdGroupBidModifierService for all currently available AdWords API versions.

For technical aspects, refer to this guide.

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