AdWords Editor Now Supports Device Bidding,Mobile-first Innovation

AdWords Editor 11.6 now supports device bid adjustments, now allow create and edit Gmail ads and more.

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AdWords Editor's latest version 11.6 includes support for universal app campaigns, Gmail ad templates, as well as new device bid adjustments for desktop, tablet, mobile and much more.

With this release now supporting universal app campaigns (UAC), developers and marketers can create and edit UAC campaigns in Editor to show app install ads across Google Search, Play, YouTube, and within apps and mobile websites on the Display Network, writes google.

For Gmail ads, Editor now supports Gmail image and single promotion templates, so advertisers can easily create, manage, and edit Gmail ads in bulk alongside the rest of their ads in.

If you are not aware, "Gmail ads provide a relevant way for you to connect with users as they're browsing promotional emails."

Also, using the Editor, advertisers can now create and edit responsive ads. If you don't know, "expanded text ads provide more ad space so you can showcase additional details about your brand, products, and services. "

Additionally device bid adjustments now available in Editor 11.6 as well. And, "allow you to maintain the efficiency of managing a consolidated campaign that reaches consumers across devices," explains google, "while giving you more control to set individual bid adjustments for each device type."

Also enhancements made to the advanced search, including an "easier way to create filters."

You can scheduled downloads now that help you stay on top of recent changes and performance statistics.

Finally, as a reminder, Google is reminding us that "support for expanded text ads is also available in Editor."

AdWords Editor 11.6 can be downloaded over here.

Additionally, AWords API v201603 will be sunsetting on October 31, 2016, after which all v201603 API requests will begin to fail, as it was deprecated on July 28, 2016.

Below you can find the links to help you with the migration:

In another post, Google said that in Q4 of 2016, the timing of Google Click ID (GCLID) generation will change to impression time (when an ad is shown) instead.

As a result, "if a user clicks on a particular ad impression multiple times, those clicks will be associated with only one GCLID," explains google. Consequently, "landing page visits for the exact same impression will share the same GCLID value." "This change opens the door for future improvements to user experience with Google ads," google said.

Also, a new report field "Clicks", is comingup to Click Performance Report help reporting number of clicks associated with a GCLID.

"If your ads are normally clicked many times per impression, you will see fewer rows returned by Click Performance Report," writes google. For click-time GCLIDs, "Clicks will always be returned as 1."

Advertisers are advise to ensure that your application is aware of multiple clicks to your landing pages with the same GCLID. And, do not make any assumption that a GCLID is unique per click.

AdWords advertisers can now use one Google login to access multiple AdWords accounts. With this change as of September 12th, "you can now associate up to 5 AdWords accounts with a single Google account."

Now that a Google account can be associated with multiple AdWords accounts, getCustomers() can return multiple AdWords accounts. To take advantage of this new feature, "AdWords API has changed the behavior of CustomerService.getCustomers() starting with v201603."

If you only want to retrieve details of a specific customer using CustomerService, "you can set the clientCustomerId in the request header starting with v201607," writes google.

Additionally, AdWords API v201607 reports in AdWords scripts are now supported.

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