AdWords Editor 12 Help Simplify Workflow Released Globally

Version 12 of AdWords Editor transfer more faster of your data from previous versions, adds new custom rules and more.

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A new version with a refreshed design of AdWords Editor is available to all advertisers helping them easily manage ad campaigns at scale with custom rules, faster account downloads and more.

The version 12 of the AdWords Editor sporting a new look and feel utilizes and aligns well with Google's material design has only subtle changes but more cohesive visual experience across the Editor.

Custom Rules in AdWords Editor 12
Custom Rules

In the new Editor, Google added new custom rules to help advertisers build high-performing campaigns, as they can now check campaings that don't meet best practices — like for example, Google suggest to show search ads with four or more sitelinks —advertisers can now easily use the new custom rules to see which campaigns or ad groups don't meet this best practice before posting changes.

You can get started by using our recommended rules, or create custom rules based on your own best practices.

With the latest Editor, Google has also added supports for bidding to maximize conversions, uploading up to 20 images and videos for Universal App Campaigns, and using the new customization fields for responsive ads.

In addition, the new AdWords Editor also reduces time invloved in downloading accounts after you update AdWords Editor, as Google will now transfer faster more of your data from previous versions.

Those interested can download AdWords Editor 12 here for manual update.

And, to learn more about updates in the version 12 of the Editor, check out this AdWords Editor Help Center.

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