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AdWords: Account Labels and Increasing transparency in Quality Score; DFP API Test Network Update and Sandbox Shutdown Announced

Google highlighted some more details about the Quality Score in AdWords. In a Pril 24 blog posts, Google AdWords Product Manager, Jen Huang, notes, that “using the status hover for a keyword in the Keywords tab, you’ll see the traditional 1-10 numeric score and new ratings for each main factor in Quality Score.”

“The new ratings have a relative scale so you’ll understand whether your performance expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience is average, above average, or below average compared to other advertisers,” adds Huang.

Quality Score in AdWords

This launch gives you information you can use to improve your Quality Score, but it doesn’t change how Quality Score or ad rank are calculated.

Also, Google “account labels,” lauched today let you organize your account’s keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns into custom groupings so you can quickly and easily filter and report on the data that is of most interest to you.

Labels will begin rolling out this week to all AdWords accounts.

AdWords Account Labels diagram

“Labels can be used to organize your campaign elements in any way you choose. Report on brand keyword performance versus all other non-branded keyword performance. Measure how ads that mention “free trial” perform versus ads that mention “free demo”. Or simply label your favorite keywords so you can quickly review them every morning,” mentions Jon Diorio, Senior Product Manager, AdWords.

For more information on account lables, visit this AdWords Help Center article.

Google AdWords account labels

Note: AdWords labels feature “is not” releated to DoubleClick Search V3 (DS3) labels functionality. “DS3 labels are set at the advertiser level and can span several engine accounts. AdWords labels are not currently supported in DS3, and they will not be imported into DS3 when you run a sync,” explains DS3 team.

To create a DS3 label:

  1. Click the Labels tab in the left nav, click the New button above the table, and name your label.
  2. Navigate to a list of keywords and select some of them.
  3. Click the Labels button above the table to apply labels to those keywords.

DS3 labels

Coming soon, you’ll also be able to see reporting stats for DS3 labels.

DS3 labels reporting stats

Learn more about creating and applying DS3 labels on the Help Center.

In other DFP news, Google announced the DFP API Test Network update and Sandbox shutdown.

First, Google lifted the restriction that initially required new test networks, to create a new Google account if you had any type of DFP network associated with the account. “Now each Google account is always allowed to create a single test network using NetworkService.makeTestNetwork(). This means you can use the same google account for production and test networks,” explains Google.

Also, Sandbox is shutting down on May 24th, 2012. “This allows for another month of testing, but we hope you will migrate to the new test networks as soon as possible,” Google said.

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