AdSenses’ New Full-width Responsive Ads Unit with Multi-screen Optimization Now Available!

Responsive ads automatically adapt to screens' size, meaning publishers can spend more time creating great content, and less time thinking about ads size.

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Helping publishers to implement ads that adapt to different screen sizes, resolutions and user needs, Google has updated its AdSense Responsive ad units, that dynamically deliver the best possible user experience according to the properties of the screen/device size it's being viewed on.

The new features for responsive ad units and a multi-screen optimization score now available, introduces today, the new full width ads on mobile devices, that automatically expand ads to the full-width of the user's screen when their device is orientated vertically.

As of now, responsive ads fitted to the standard sizes.

See the screenshots below of earlier vs. new full-width responsive ad untis:

AdSense Responsive Ads Unit

Google notes, the new launch full-width responsive ads perform better on mobile devices in portrait mode. To implement, new ads, simply create a responsive ad unit in your AdSense account.

For getting help to improve mobile performance, watch this video offering tips on how to create an excellent mobile experience and potentially increase mobile revenue:

More information on Responsive ad units, check out this Help Center.