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AdSense Payments Policy

The AdSense team blog has made a post to clearify myths about payments:

It’s almost the end of the month, which means that it’s almost time for us to send our publishers their payments. We know you’re eagerly waiting for your check or EFT deposit to pay your bills, so we’d like to answer some questions you may have and clarify what to expect over the next few weeks.

Will I be sent a payment this month?

You can check to see whether you’re eligible for a payment at the end of July. Just visit your Payment History page, set the date range to ‘All time’, and find the amount in the ‘Monthly balance’ column corresponding to June. If this number is greater than $100 and you removed all holds from your account before July 15th, you’re eligible for a payment at the end of this month.

Can you give me an actual ‘end of the month’ date? Unfortunately, we can’t. You may sometimes see that your payment is issued on the 23rd of the month, and at other times on the 29th. This is because all earnings are audited for accuracy every month, and this automatic audit process can take different amounts of time during each payment cycle. To keep things simple, you may wish to think of ‘end of the month’ as the last day of the month. After your payment is issued, please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery, depending on your location and the form of payment you’ve selected.

What about the 25th? I read somewhere that I’m supposed to get my checks by that day.

That’s a reissue date that applies to the month after a standard delivery check is issued. Let’s say you earned $200 in June and removed all payment holds before July 15th. We’d then issue you a check at the end of July, which we’d expect to reach you by August 25th.

I’ve selected EFT. Does that mean my payments get processed faster by Google?

No, the processing time is still the same for EFT and checks. However, once processed and issued, EFT payments typically reach publishers more quickly, since they’re directly deposited into bank accounts. If you’re issued an EFT payment at the end of July, we expect that you’ll see it in your bank account by August 5th. If you’re issued a standard delivery check at the end of July, we expect that you’ll receive it by August 25th.

After reading through this info, we hope you feel like an expert on payments. 🙂 We’ve used the current month in all of the examples, but feel free to refer back to this post again in the future. If you’d like to learn more about AdSense payments, we recommend reviewing our Payments Demo, Payment Guide, and subscribing to the AdSense Calendar.

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