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New AdSense Ad Review Center Launches; Over 40 Exclusive Google Affiliate Network Promotions Now Available!

Google just announced the enhancements made to the AdSense ad controls by rolling out an entirely new version of the “Ad review center,” that will give more control over ads and make it easier than ever to manage the ads showing on web pages.

Here is what is new?

“The new Ad review center will show you ads of all targeting types (contextual, interest-based, and placement) that have appeared on pages, and allow you to review them,” informs Google. “With placement-targeted ads, you can still review them before they show up on your site. And now, rather than grouping ads together, you can make decisions on individual ads to control what appears on your site at a granular level,” Google explained.

Improved efficiency: When you’re reviewing ads, Goolge will now “first show the ads that are getting the highest number of impressions on pages — or, if publishers are holding placement-targeted ads for review, google will first show those that are likely to get the highest number of impressions on pages,” Google informed. “Ads that don’t receive or likely won’t receive any impressions on sites won’t appear in the tool,” Google added.

In the new Ad review center, you can simply click an ad to block it. To block multiple ads, highlight and drag the ads to block them all at once. Also, Google provided a magnified view when hover mouse over an ad, as well as the option to see an ad in full size.

“If you’ve used the Ad review center in the past, the new version will be available in your account in the next few days. If you haven’t yet enabled this feature yet, visit the Allow & block ads tab to get started,” informs Google.

Please note that this feature isn’t compatible with Internet Explorer 7 or earlier — visit our supported browsers page for more information.

For placement-targeted ads, Google recommend keeping review preference set to the default of ‘Run ads immediately’ and then reviewing them after they’ve started running. “This’s because ads don’t participate in the auction while they’re held for review, which could potentially lower the winning bids and as a result, your overall AdSense earnings,” explained Google.

For more information, visit Help Center.

Google Affiliate Network offers over 40 exclusive publisher promotionsIn other Google Ads news, Google Affiliate Network publisher can now earn additional revenue with over 40 new promotions will be available exclusively to Affiliate Network publishers starting from Friday, March 23 through Monday, March 26.

Need help applying or want more information? Review the Publisher Beginner’s guide.

Finally, a new tutorial on scheduling AdSense reports with Google Apps Script is published today helps you learn “how to create a script that’s executed every hour to retrieve data from the AdSense API and send a report of the evolution of several metrics over the current day.”

The report data will then be visualized using an area chart. “You’ll also learn how to add a user interface to let you configure the recipient of the report, the metrics included in the chart, the hours of the day and days of the week for the report sending,” Google said, as shown in the image below:

Scheduling AdSense reports with Google Apps Script

Check the tutorials page to learn the different things that you can do using this cloud scripting language.

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