Access Your Own Year in Review on Facebook Timeline

Access Your Own Year in Review on Facebook Timeline; Updates Privacy Shortcuts, Activity Log, New Request and Removal Tool

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2012 Facebook's Year in Review, offering a look back at the most trending people, moments and things that created the most buzz in 2012 on the social networkign site.

Additionally, Facebook is letting users to access their own Year in Review on timeline. "By going to, you can see the 20 biggest moments from your own year, including life events, highlighted posts and your most popular stories," the company wrote.

Facebook 2012 Year in Review

2012 Facebook Trends - US


  1. US Presidential Election
  2. Superbowl XLVI
  3. Death of Whitney Houston
  4. Superstorm Sandy
  5. London 2012 Olympics
  6. Death of Trayvon Martin
  7. Facebook IPO
  8. Aurora Shootings
  9. Death of Dick Clark
  10. Obama's Endorsement of Gay Marriage


  1. We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) - Fun
  2. Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye
  3. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
  4. What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
  5. Payphone - Maroon 5
  6. Mercy - Kanye West
  7. Some Nights - Fun
  8. Home - Phillip Phillips
  9. Boyfriend - Justin Bieber
  10. Take Care (feat. Rihanna) - Drake


  1. The Hunger Games
  2. The Avengers
  3. Magic Mike
  4. The Vow
  5. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
  6. 21 Jump Street
  7. The Dark Knight Rises
  8. Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
  9. Skyfall
  10. Prometheus


  1. Times Square, New York
  2. Disneyland, California
  3. AT&T Park, California
  4. Yankee Stadium, New York
  5. Rangers Ballpark, Texas
  6. Fenway Park, Massachusetts
  7. Dodger Stadium, California
  8. Universal Studios, Florida
  9. Wrigley Field, Illinois
  10. Angel Stadium, California
Public Figures
  1. Barack Obama
  2. Mitt Romney
  3. One Direction
  4. Tim Tebow
  5. Eli Manning and Peyton Manning (tie)
  6. Madonna
  7. Honey Boo Boo
  8. Jeremy Lin
  9. Paul Ryan
  10. Phillip Phillips
  1. TBH (to be honest)
  2. YOLO (you only live once)
  3. KONY
  4. One-word Comment
  5. Gangnam Style
  6. Cinnamon Challenge
  7. Cray
  8. SMH (shake my head)
  9. Big Bird
  10. Linsanity

These lists are available on Facebook Stories at

Facebook also announced of rolling out updates by year-end, that include "privacy shortcuts, an easier-to-use activity log, and a new request and removal tool" for managing multiple photos you're tagged in.

In addition, the company also added a new in-product education that makes key concepts around controlling your sharing clearer, such as in-context reminders about how stuff you hide from timeline may still appear in news feed, search, and other places.

Facebook adds Privacy Shortcuts, App permissions

Privacy Shortcuts. Now, for key settings, you just go to the toolbar to help manage "Who can see my stuff?" "Who can contact me?" and "How do I stop someone from bothering me?"

You can also access Help Center content from these shortcuts.

App Permissions. The first time you log into a new app, it asks for permission to use your info to personalize your experience. Some apps also ask to post to Facebook.

"Many of the apps you use will move to this new model, but some will not - for example, games apps on will not change. For more information on how these new permissions will work, see our developer blog," the company said.

Retiring the old "Who can look up my timeline by name?" Setting.

"Everyone used to have a setting called "Who can look up my timeline by name," which controlled if someone could be found when other people typed their name into the Facebook search bar. The setting was very limited in scope, and didn't prevent people from finding others in many other ways across the site. Because of the limited nature of the setting, we removed it for people who weren't using it, and have built new, contextual tools, along with education about how to use them. In the coming weeks, we'll be retiring this setting for the small percentage of people who still have it," the company blogged.

In-product education. Facebook is also adding in-context notices throughout Facebook. For example, "a series of messages created to help you understand, in context, that the content you hide from your timeline may still appear in news feed, search and other places," explains Facebook.

Facebook hide from your timeline may still appear in news feed, search and other places.

Updated Activity Log now has new navigation, so you can easily review your own activity on Facebook, such as your likes and comments, photos of you, and posts you've been tagged in. It also has new ways to sort information, for example: Now you can quickly see public photos you're tagged in and have hidden from your timeline, but which still appear in other places on Facebook.

New tools to manage content New Request and Removal tool. "Within the updated Activity Log, you now have a Request and Removal tool for taking action on multiple photos you're tagged in. Go to the "Photos of You" tab, select multiple photos, and ask friends to take down the shots you don't like - you can even include a message about why this is important to you. The tool also lets you untag multiple photos at once, keeping in mind that while untagged photos don't appear on your timeline, they can still appear in other places on Facebook, such as search, news feed, or your friends' timelinesm," the company added.

Facebook adds New tools to manage your content New Request and Removal tool