8 Million Color Combinations to Choose, Xbox Design Lab Ships First Batch

Xbox Design Lab online customization program on begin shipping first batch of orders of customized Xbox Wireless Controller.

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Unveiled at E3 first, the new Xbox Design Lab's first batch of controllers started shipping, now offering Xbox fans more choice and personalization in how they play.

For those not aware, "Xbox Design Lab is an online customization program on Xbox.com that let's fans design their very own Xbox Wireless Controller with more than 8 million different color combinations to choose from. "

The team notes, that each controller is handmade to order with the laser engraving option. Fans can add their name, gamertag or a custom 16-character message to make their Xbox Wireless Controller even more personal.

The team notes, those who already placed their orders would receive their personalized controllers in early September as the first batch of orders have shipped today!. While all other orders, would ship in just 14 business days.

"Since Xbox Design Lab opened for orders on June 13, we've seen a tremendous amount of interest and excitement. We've had millions of visits to the site and hundreds of thousands of designs saved and shared across the Community Gallery, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more," wrote Xbox team.

You can visit xbox.com/xboxdesignlab or select Microsoft Stores today. Xbox Design Lab is currently open for orders in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Xbox Design Labs First Batch of Controllers

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