6 New Office Training Courses, Access 2016 Adds Large Number (BigInt) Support

Access 2016 announces support for a new data type in Access 2016—Large Number (BigInt).

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Microsoft on Monday announced six new training courses aimed at helping users learn the basics of Office.

The company looked at what customers were struggling with and developed the new Office Basics training courses in response. The instructional videos cover topics such as how to sign in to Office, rename files, add comments and insert hyperlinks.

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Access 2016, the database application in the Microsoft Office suite, is now able to support a new data type — Large Number, or BigInt.

With this addition, users can now add large number fields when creating new local tables or editing existing ones, and turn support for large numbers on or off as needed, says the Office team.

The ability to read and write data to and from external sources that use Large Number (BigInt) is now a supported data type. The change provides additional analytical capability and deepens the integration experience when users are importing/linking BigInt data.

A significant aspect of business solutions built on Access is the ability to read and write data to and from external data sources that use BigInt (as PK or other), such as SQL.

And, through a new option that's added in enable users to turn on/off Large Number (BigInt) support for linked/imported tables. "Turning Large Number support on allows users to import from and link to tables with BigInt columns, and have them represented in Access in a Large Number format," writes the team.

The feature is currently only available to Office 365 subscribers, and is rolling out to Office Insider. Later, Office 365 consumer and commercial subscribers will get it as well.

Access 2016 Turn on/off Large Number (BigInt) support
Access 2016 Turn on/off Large Number (BigInt) support

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