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5 Nasty Things about Safari 3 on Windows Vista

Well, the first and foremost reason why you should stay away from Safari 3 is the fact that the browser is a beta. Mozilla for example offers Gran Paradiso Alpha 5, a testing milestone for Firefox 3. But Mozilla has enough responsibility to advise users not to deploy Gran Paradiso Alpha 5 except in testing scenarios. Apple does not. Furthermore, the Cupertino-based company also praised the fact that a beta product, thus inherently full of bugs and vulnerabilities, was downloaded in excess of a million times.

Second, Safari 3 security is not what it was applauded to be. Instead of a browser secure from day one, Safari offered eight security vulnerabilities just on the first day. Apple then subsequently released an update patching three Critical security flaws in the browser. The graphical user interface is the third reason. Apple needs to fall in line. Developing a product for Windows Vista means offering a user interface designed to integrate seamlessly with the operating system’s style, not an alien look after a forced transition from Mac OS X with clunky font rendering.

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