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360-Codename: Zephyr, Only That This Time, It Sounds Real

Set for a May 1 release at a price of $479.99, retailers confirm the rumor about the black, HDMI-enabled Xbox 360, codenamed Zephyr, complete with a 120 GB hard drive. GameInformer brought this information to the world making it sound like a true fact, although Microsoft’s saying on this is yet to be heard so until May 1st, all Xbox fans can do is wait.

At launch, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was the first console to provide near-simultaneous launch across the three major regions. More than that, it provides players with a wireless controller while its Xbox Live service allows players to compete online and download arcade games and content such as game trailers, TV shows, music videos, or rented movies. The latter feature seems the most likely to be the reason for the console’s improvement concerning the hard drive. Retailers also said that the new, improved machine will also have a better video interface so even if it’s just a rumor, they make it sound really good.

And if it is true, then May 1st is going to be like a second launch of the 360 all over again, or better than that, a new console all together. Think about it. Microsoft’s retail strategy involves two different configurations of the machine: the Xbox 360 SKU, frequently referred to as the Xbox 360 Premium Package and the Xbox 360 Core System SKU.

At launch, the Premium Package 360 was priced at US$399, having a 60GB disk space for the most expensive version, so paying another $170 bucks for the super 360 we’re told it hits the shelves in May sounds a pretty good deal. Keeping in mind that Sony’s 60GB PS3 was priced somewhere around US $840 at launch, the 360 making a worthy opponent regarding performance, everyone’s money will be on the new Xbox 360, if Microsoft also confirms the rumor.


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