Windows 8.1 Delivers Highest Resolutions at 4k

Prepare to be blown away by new high-DPI 4k displays of Windows 8.1.
Windows 8.1 delivers the new high-DPI (high-resolution horizontal display) at 4,000-pixels.

With expensive 4k products such as Sharp's 32-inch PN-K321 4K Ultra-HD display are now hitting the US marketplace, "they can offer some practical challenges."

"By increasing resolution you inherently decrease the size of each pixel (assuming same display size), which makes content shown on the display appear smaller. Another challenge can come to those who are running two concurrent displays - on two 27-inch displays, one of which is running full high definition and the other wide quad HD (WQHD), the content will not appear at the same scale when an app is moved from one display to the other," writes Gavin Gear on the Extreme Windows Blog.

With these challenges - and the recent proliferation of high-dot-per-inch tablets, notebooks, and external displays - Gear said scaling issues are an important consideration in Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 Delivers 4k DPI Display