12 New Interactive Ad Formats Available on Yahoo!

Yahoo! is helping brands and agencies deliver experiences that engage online consumers with the launch of 12 ad formats in one year alone. Take a look at last year's "dynamic dozen," and consider taking advantage of one or more in 2011:1. The Login PageSize: 1440 x 1024 max (The whole page!)Bottom Line: Bigger canvas, bolder […]

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Yahoo! is helping brands and agencies deliver experiences that engage online consumers with the launch of 12 ad formats in one year alone. Take a look at last year's "dynamic dozen," and consider taking advantage of one or more in 2011:

1. The Login Page

Size: 1440 x 1024 max (The whole page!)
Bottom Line: Bigger canvas, bolder creative and massive reach (more than 26 million daily users) with 100% mindshare.

2. Mag Ad

Size: The ad starts with an auto-expand panel that displays the full ad and then contracts to the default ad position. The user can control what level of product detail is displayed in the ad.
Bottom Line: This is the best choice for advertisers who want to showcase their products and their brand with big, gorgeous photography, in a format that allows customers to interact with their products.

3. Yahoo! Mail Pullover

Size: Once the user clicks on the smaller ad unit, the ad "pulls over," canvassing an area of 750 x 750.
Bottom Line: This is the perfect opportunity to reach a massive audience with a flexible creative canvas that goes beyond traditional ad sizes and allows the user to interact with product information via rich media and video.

4. omg! Mosaic

Size: The top nine modules on the omg! page will combine to feature one large branded message. A custom animation tied to theme can simulate the glitz and glamour of the red carpet and the paparazzi, with a sequence of flashing bulbs leaving a portion of the branded message in its wake.
Bottom Line: You can reach 19 million unique users per month and integrate your brand into the star-studded world of omg!.

5. OPA Pushdown

Size: Begins as a 970 x 66 ad that auto-expands into a preview panel of 977 x 418 and auto closes. At any point, the user can open, close or further engage with the ad. This flexible format can accommodate a variety of content, including video.
Bottom line: This offers a rich opportunity for branding, since the ad auto-expands, invariably capturing user attention.


Size: Begins at 468 x 648 and expands to a large 936 x 648 that can include different kinds of content, including video. Controls on the unit allow the user to further engage by opening and closing the ad unit.
Bottom Line: It's ideal for advertisers interested in massive reach (Yahoo! Mail has 32 million users), a massive canvas and a deeply immersive user experience.

7. Video Traffic Driver

Bottom Line: Engage users with your brand through great content, and drive traffic to specific locations and product offers. Plus, increase your reach with social sharing of content and deals via Yahoo! Pulse, Facebook, Twitter or Email.

8. Deal Driver

Bottom Line: Incorporate coupons that are printable directly from the ad.

9. Content Mashup

Placement: A customized content ad that pulls in your existing content or brand-aligned RSS feeds to present the information you want your customers to have--all within the ad unit!

10. Living Movie Poster

Size: 300 x 500 base ad. The maximum width of the overlay is determined by the width of the page; typical Yahoo! Property Front Pages are 980 pixels wide. Recommended height is 600 pixels.
Bottom line: Movies are dynamic and compelling, and Yahoo! can bring them to life.

11. Digitorial

Features: This customized content ad offers a complete microsite within the creative canvas that provides a brand experience, direct response capability and the sharing options of social media. Size: An OPA Pushdown format is just one example of how Yahoo! deploys this creative experience. For example, an advertiser can also, , choose a 300 x 250 unit that sits on the right rail, or just about any another format. It's entirely portable.

12. Brand Wrap

Size: The default tab is 120 x 330. The expansion panel size (including tab) is 780 x 575.
Bottom Line: Brand Wrap is a persistent page takeover that engages users with rich media, allowing the advertiser to highlight detailed product information.

More Details: Yahoo! Media Kit.

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